Our value chain provides over twelve thousand jobs from highly skilled employments such as corporate jobs to factory operations, logistics, and farming. Our employees are a family who take their role in providing products and service to heart, dedicated to discovering, developing, supporting and delivering quality products and services. MC Alison Flour Mills’ interest in becoming the nation’s leading food business company is furthered by entities operating in agriculture, livestock feed and pasta manufacturing. As such, the collective clout of our stands poised to help achieve the company’s objectives whilst simultaneously improving lives. With over twelve thousand full and part-time employees, we are steering the green revolution in UK with the use of locally sourced materials to develop and produce unique consumer products for local markets. This strategy is reducing dependence on imported raw materials and creating value for businesses, consumers and the country at large.

We are seeking talented professionals! Send your resume at careers@mcalisonflourmill.com

Here are the Jobs starting October 2018