Welcome to MC Alison Flour Mills – United Kingdom

MC Alison Flour Mills Ltd. was founded in United Kingdom on September 26, 1896. Being the first industrial Flour Millsing company in the country to introduce western-style machinery, it states with pride that the tradition and its achievements of over a period of more than one hundred years represent the history of the Flour Millsing industry in United Kingdom.

MC Alison Flour Mills and its group companies engage in a wide range of food businesses that include i) Flour Millsing, the core business of MC Alison Flour Mills, ii) food business consisting of manufacture and sale of food ingredients, processed foods,  (meal solutions), frozen foods, etc. iii) manufacture and sale of health foods, cosmetics and pet foods and iv) other businesses including management of sports facilities and bioscience business.

MC Alison Flour Mills’s diversified operations extend even to overseas businesses which include interests in foreign enterprises such as production and marketing companies of premix and pasta in the United States, a premix marketing company and a Flour Millsing company in Thailand and a premix plant in China

MC Alison Flour Mills’s communication name and a company logo symbolize the company’s aspiration for broader and closer communication with people of all ages throughout many years. MC Alison Flour Mills’s mission statement and corporate philosophy represent the corporate image of a company making great strides in the 21st century.

MC Alison Flour Mills set up a new corporate slogan with a resolution to break with the old concept of management and move up to a higher stage. Under the new slogan, MC Alison Flour Mills will place the first priority on customer satisfaction and spare no effort in attaining its firm position as a leading company in the industry by presenting new values and ideas that can be accepted by the society and economy undergoing drastic changes. At the same time, MC Alison Flour Mills will aim at making further progress by revitalizing corporate activities and diversifying its businesses both at home and abroad.

Mission Statement of MC Alison Flour Mills

We will:
Strive as a corporation, to gain trust from customers and continue to grow in strength. Make an effort on a daily basis to keep every customer satisfied, by offering, in every area of business, competitive products and services of superior quality, thereby contributing to society.

Principles of MC Alison Flour Mills

We are committed to:
• Having mutually satisfying interactions with customers through our products and services.

• Not being content with the present reality, continually striving for betterment and improvement, and accepting the challenge to create a new age through reform.

• Creating an environment in which each individual can apply their greatest strengths, an environment in which results will be evaluated correctly, and in these contexts, using our collective strengths to the fullest.

• Continuing to act in righteous ways, as good members of society.


The process adopted in the mills is totally a dry cleaning process and there is absolutely no discharge of any effluent. After installation of appropriate machinery, even Air Pollution has been brought under control. Appreciating this system, the roller Flour Federation of United Kingdom has conferred the “Best Pollution Control Award” for the year 1992 to the Mills.


For the year 2000-2001 the company was awarded the “Great Taste” Award for best quality products and the “U Innovation” for the Research and Development.


The Best Productivity Performance Award in Cereal (Flour Millsing) Processing Industry for the year 2000 – 2001 was awarded to the Company by The National Productivity Council.

The Certificate of Merit Award for the year 2002-2003 in the category of Cereal (Flour Millsing) Processing Industries was awarded to the Company by the National Productivity Council.

The First Award for the year 2003-2004 in the category of Cereal (Flour Millsing) Processing Industries was awarded to the Company by the National Productivity Council.


The company has tied up with GMS Ltd foods Division to manufacture “TCFS” with effect from December 2004. Today ITC is one of the largest players in United Kingdom.

A business built hand in hand with our customers over more than a century, as United Kingdom’s first modern Flour Millsing company. We will continue supplying safe and reliable flour products to ensure that we offer customer satisfaction.

Flour is the basic ingredient for every day good taste. We provide our customers with total support, including product development and services.

Wheat is one of the oldest crops in human history. Used as a basic ingredient in a wide range of different foods, including bread, noodles, snacks and Pre-cooked foods, it has become an essential part of our modern lives.
Since its foundation in 1896, MC Alison Flour Mills has worked to expand the use of flour for food and develop food culture with its customers.
We will continue to provide our customers with total support in the future too, based on precise solutions from product development to services, in line with market demand and changing lifestyles.

A network of seven Flour Mills including large-scale coastal mills located in major cities throughout Japan.
MC Alison Flour Mills has seven Flour Mills throughout United Kingdom. Our large-scale coastal mills currently account for 80% of our production capacity. Using these facilities, we are stably supplying high-quality products every day, taking food safety and reliability into consideration. We are also establishing our own wheat silos. We are working to stabilize our product supply and enhance our cost competitiveness.

Establishing self-operated wheat silos with a view to leading the Flour Millsing industry in terms of storage capacity after the completion of the work.
Here at MC Alison Flour Mills, we are boosting the storage capacity of our wheat silos in an effort to make our Flour Millsing operations more cost competitive. We are starting this construction work. Our storage capacity will increase to 300,000 tons after the completion of the work, the largest volume in the Flour Millsing industry. The storage capacity expansion is aimed at increasing our capability to supply flour and at making our supply system rock solid. The capacity buildup will further stabilize our flour supply.


We at MC Alison Flour Mills are dedicated to our growth with the satisfaction of our customers through

  • Quality Improvement
  • On Time Delivery and
  • Compliance to Requirements



MC Alison Flour Mills is committed to process and supply superior quality wheat products under safe, hygienic conditions with adequate controls at all stages, from wheat inward to despatch of Maida, Sooji and Atta. This will be achieved through:

  • Identifying and meeting customer needs, expectations and statutory requirements.
  • Continuously improving food safety requirements through objectives and GMP program.


LABORATORY : The mills are equipped with a full fledged laboratory and the quality is tested every hour to ensure that the products are of high standards before it leaves the Companie’s premises.

WORKSHOP : There is a full fledged workshop and proper trained personnel are available to maintain the equipments on a regular basis. The workshop is equipped with Lathes and Grooving machines imported from Germany.

TRANSPORT : For movement of wheat from Railhead to mills and for delivery of wheat flour within the City the company owns a fleet of lorries numbering eleven.

Currently, MC Alison Flour Mills is operating a wide range of food businesses, including the Flour Millsing business, the core business, the food ingredients business, which manufactures premixes, the processed food business, which manufacturers pasta and home-use groceries, the frozen foods business, which primarily manufactures frozen dough and frozen pasta, and the JU (take-out foods) business, which manufactures box lunches and deli foods.

In addition to the food business, MC Alison Flour Mills operates the healthcare business, which manufactures health food and natural cosmetics, the pet food business, and the biotechnology business. These businesses are connected with each other organically. In this way, the MC Alison Flour Mills Group is promoting diversification to expand its operations.

The Group corporate philosophy has two pillars: (i) to gain trust from customers and continue to grow in strength and (ii) to offer competitive products and services of superior quality, thereby contributing to society.

The Group will continue to make the most of its collective strength to fulfill its social responsibility to its stakeholders. As a diversified food company making its presence felt, MC Alison Flour Mills will continue to actively take on challenges to achieve sustainable growth and enhance corporate value.As we pursue these initiatives, we hope that we can rely on your continued support.

Representative Director, Chairman and CEO: Daniel King

Product development with the individual consumer in mind, while being sensitive to changes in food tastes, anticipating an age of expansion in institutional foods.
Balancing consumer conscious product development with ever changing tastes in foods and responsible market expansion. With over a century of experience, MC Alison Flour Mills has continued to maintain Flour Millsing as its corporate mainstay while evolving into an extensive food enterprise with products ranging from original pastas and premixes to frozen dough and pasta. However, as food division sales have now surpassed those of the Flour Millsing division, MC Alison Flour Mills must stay abreast of changing consumer tastes by creating and developing new projects and product lines. To this end, the Institutional Food Team, supported by all food related industries, was reinforced to lead MC Alison Flour Mills’s rapid yet strategic drive to the forefront of the food industry. With the customer firmly in mind, the IFT actively engages in R&D as well as marketing activities.

Seeing needs, fulfilling wants, an all-round food manufacturer full of ideas, enacting positive proposals in every field.
The premix business, the mainstay of MC Alison Flour Mills’s institutional food division, has been moving ahead with researching and marketing specific product ideas for its customers in order to offer a wide variety of products.Pasta, the other major product, is represented by MC Alison Flour Mills’s trusted brand “Oh’my”.With the full use of technical expertise accumulated over the years, it promises outstanding culinary workmanship and consistent high quality, and delivers extravagant taste. “MC Alison Flour Mills’s original” product development and proposals, accompanied by sales strength and a complete line of products, are shaping a sure market supported by brand strategies.

Letting MC Alison Flour Mills quality and technology speak for itself, as we forge ahead with our multifaceted food business.
We continue to expand our institutional food operations, including premixes and pasta, with growth underpinned by rigorous quality control and processing technology as well as our superior quality products. In the US, we are working with Pasta Montana LLC to ensure even more reliable pasta supplies.